Little Chalfont Park
Liaison Group

Who we are

Formed in March 2024, the Little Chalfont Park Liaison Group (LCPLG) was established to enable ongoing dialogue and discussion between the local community and the Hill Team, responsible for the Little Chalfont Park development.

The LCPLG comprises volunteers from Little Chalfont Parish Council (LCPC) and the Little Chalfont Community Association (LCCA), and is led by the Chairman of the LCPC Planning Committee. To support its work the group will recruit qualified external advisers as and when required.

What we do

The LCPLG aims to ensure the voices of residents are heard, and where possible acted upon, throughout the planning, construction and preoperational phases of Little Chalfont Park to ensure the best outcome is secured for the community as a whole.

The LCPLG meets twice monthly (at least); as a group internally, as well as with the wider Hill Team. The purpose of our meetings is to identify and table the issues of greatest concern and importance to the local community.

Matters beyond the remit of the Hill team will be raised directly, where possible, with the relevant and responsible bodies, such as the local authority.

Please find meeting dates, agendas and summary minutes here


The LCPLG, supported by external expertise, will:
  • Review and comment on key documentation required to progress the development, such as the Design Code (incorporating the Regulatory Plan & Strategic Landscape Masterplan), Reserved Matters Applications (RMAs) and the Construction Management Plan
  • Receive updates from the Hill Team on the status of Little Chalfont Park at all stages of planning, decision-making and development
  • Ensure the local community have access to all relevant information to facilitate meaningful consultation.
The meetings provide a consultative forum between the local community and the Hill Team. The LCPLG reports to both the LCPC & the LCCA; it is not a decision-making body and has no statutory authority. A review of the LCPLG and its workings will take place every 6 months to determine continuing relevance and effectiveness.

Information about
Little Chalfont Park

The Hill Group will maintain overall responsibility for the development and have a dedicated website providing the following information:

Project Meetings

Dates, agendas and summary minutes

Agenda and summary minutes

Agenda and summary minutes

Agenda and summary minutes

Work in progress

  • Community Consultation Event held in the Village Hall on 9th May  resulted in 300+ attendees and 75 email / form comments
  • LCPLG submitted separately detailed comments on the Design Code
  • Hill Team have collated comments by theme and have responded back to LCPLG and Little Chalfont Roads Network. Next steps will be discussed at the meeting on the 16th July.
  • The Design Code (amended version) has been submitted to Bucks Planning (July 24).
  • LCPLG have sent communications to Bucks Council requesting engagement in the following areas:
    – Transport / Infrastructure (Highways & TFL)
    – Utilities (Power, Sewage, Water, Broadband)
    – Community Facilities (Education, GP, LCP Community Facility)
  • LCPLG have requested a meeting with the Case Officer, Bucks Planning and are awaiting their response.
  • Consultant engaged to review Design Code in line with Hill Team schedule.
  • Consultant to present their findings to LCPLG mid July.

The first image is not a true representation of the proposed development; it is included for illustrative purposes only

The first image is not a true representation of the proposed development; it is included for illustrative purposes only

Making contact

If you require further information or wish to comment on any aspect of the development you are encouraged to contact the Hill Team.
If you have a specific question or comment for the LCPLG please complete the following contact form:
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